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Pillar and Scroll Mantel Clock

Made by Eli and Samuel Terry of Plymouth, Connecticut.

Pillar and Scroll Mantel Clock

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Pillar and Scroll door detail
Door detail.

Pillar and Scroll face detail
Face detail.

Pillar and Scroll label detail
Label detail.

Pillar and Scroll with door open
With door open.

Pillar and scroll mantel clocks, in excellent original condition are almost impossible to find. Here is one that is a real keeper. Not only in excellent, beautifully restored condition, but of a comparatively scarce make. Eli and Samuel Terry worked together in Plymouth, Connecticut from July 1, 1824 to July 1, 1827. This 30 hour wooden movement originally had ivory bushings but only on the time side. They were worn by rusted pivots to an unuseable state. These however, have been replaced exactly as original. Genuine ivory cut to the same diameter and thickness was fitted into the original wooden borings in the oak plates. New pivots have been put into the shafts and polished. Wood bushings replaced the original wood bushings where necessary. After all repairing and machining, all parts were washed, throughly dried, oiled and ready for final inspection. After assembly, the 200 year movement is carefully set aside and the cabinet then is painstakingly inspected for originality and repaired.

The mahogany cabinet's finish necessitated selective refinishing on a few areas. This was feathered and blended well. The ivory escutcheon and lock have been rebuilt so the key can only be removed when the door is locked, as originally intended. The 3 brass finials are original and of the 2-piece soldered together construction. Top scroll work and plinths are original. Clock is driven by its original cast iron weights. Original makers label is in excellent condition. The original dial has been professionally repaired and the numbers, gesso and gold strengthened. It has the original painters initials inscribed into the upper right corner, ST. I believe this stands for Samantha Terry, a relative of Eli & Samuel. Upper and lower glasses are original but the gilding and eglomisť on the lower glass has been authenticly redone. The gold was applied in the same decorative layout as original and the scene was painted from another Eli and Samuel Terry pillar and scroll. All decorated glass work is applied by hand in the original manner.

This clock has been put into excellent restored condition by the Clockfolk with great discretion so as not to over restore.


31" tall x 17½" wide x 4½" deep


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