~Antique Clocks~  

Walnut Kitchen Clock
by E. Ingraham & Co

Walnut Gingerbread Mantel Clock front Made about 1900 by E. Ingraham & Co. in Bristol, Conn., this clock only strikes on the hour, sounding great on a cast steel bell. It is an 8-day mainspring wind with alarm. It retains it’s original “Niagara” door glass in excellent condition as well as all of its alarm connections. Some manufacturers of this style of clock would depict famous places or people of the time to make their clocks more interesting and hence, hopefully, more salable. They may have used scenes of national parks such as Yellowstone or presidents such Label.as Theodore Roosevelt. This Niagara glass is clear and easy to read.

Ref. #M144

22″ tall x 15″ wide x 5¼” deep


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