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Time Only School House Wall Clock.

Time Only School House Wall ClockCirca 1880, this clock is made by E. N. Welch who ceased operations in 1903. Great original club hands on an original Roman numeral dial, with the original brass bezel & latch. Proper repair of one of the octagon pieces is not included in the price. Interesting to note, the frugal Yankee clock makers wasted no resources, as can be seen by use of the back of another clock with it’s label still attached, “directions for setting the CLOCK RUNNING”. This board was used to raise the movement up for the hand shaft to come through the dial so the hands could be fitted to the movement properly. Probably used the same case for more than one movement. This is sometimes seen and is original to the clock. Original label, pendulum & finish. 8-day key wind timepiece.Close up of case interior.

Ref. #W212

24″ tall x 17″ wide x 4¼” deep


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