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8-day Ripple Front Steeple, Mantel Clock.

Mahogany Veneered OG Mantel ClockThis unique ripple front, created by skilled workmen, was a work of art in itself. Cut in mahogany, it is rarely seen in such excellent condition, if found at all. This clock retains its ivory door knob and original “club style” hands. It is an alarm clock as well, with the alarm time set by the brass disc in the center of the dial. The alarm mechanism is rare in this instance, as it incorporates a fusee. This device is an attempt to steady the ringing of the bell as the alarm mainspring runs down and becomes weaker. “J.C. Brown /30 Hour wooden works clock label Bristol, Ct. U.S.” originally painted in the peak of the dial, will be re-hand painted for the purchase price. Great clock, great makers label, rarely seen.

Ref. #M143

19¾” tall x 10¼” wide x 4″ deep

$3800.00third one

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