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Mahogany Veneered Mantel Clock.

Mahogany Veneered Mantel Clock frontRarely does one find any clock that is so untouched. It would be difficult to find anything on this early clock that is not original. Glass, mirror, hand painted zinc dial, hands, movement parts, label, finish, pendulum, gong, etc. are all original to this clock. Even the wood screws that hold the movement in are original. The rear movement plate is cast iron and the front plate and gears are brass. It is an 8-day clock driven by its original brass mainsprings inside the “open” cast iron half barrels. Superb label advertising Daniel Pratt Jr. working in Reading, Massachusetts.Dial.

Ref. #M147

21½” tall x 13″ wide x 3¾” deep


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Front without dial.Works closeup.Works.Label.