~Antique Clocks~  

Backboards: Unique Decorator Wall pieces.

small.Antique small backboard removed years ago from what is probably called a cottage clock. Penciled repair dates of late 1800’s extant on wood. Label very good & readable. Unique decoration item. This was a clock that ran 30 hours between windings and was driven by mainsprings. The white circle developed from the gong base protecting the paper label. All we have is the back as pictured.

Ref. #M134a

12″ tall x 7ΒΌ” wide x 5/16″ thick

$45.00 or $60.00 with metal hanger at top

large.Antique larger backboard by William Johnson, working at the address on his label (16 Cortland Street, N..Y.C.) from 1841 – 1848. This board was originally to a 30 hour “OG” mantel clock. It is not known if Johnson actually made clocks or just assembled them or perhaps only a merchandiser. These 2 boards were originally 2 pieces, held as one by the frame of the clock. We can sell as is or attach together nicely & discretely and attach a picture wire for hanging for $40.00 additional to the $55.00

Ref. #M134b

25″ tall x 15″ wide x 5/16″ thick

$55.00 or $95.00

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